Goldener Reiter

Fictional film, 2023
Germany, 20 minutes

After living in a psychiatric hospital for many years, Winkler knows how to play by the rules. His behavior is perfectly adapted to the daily routine of occupational therapy, medication and boredom. Unlike his rebellious roommate Jan who was just committed to the hospital, Winkler has known for a long time that only the most inconspicuous patients eventually get a chance to be released. As Winkler’s annual evaluation draws near, all signs points to his imminent release. His doctor, as well as his friends in the ward, encourage him to prepare for his new freedom, but Winkler becomes increasingly aware that little awaits him in the outside world.

Director: Konrad Schlaich
Editing: Dan Gatzmaga
Cinematography: Jonathan Gustin
Produced by Oscar Meyer-Ricks
Co-produced by Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Premiered at the 45th Biberacher Filmfestspiele.
Screened at the Shorts Festival 2024 and won an audience award.